'20 Brzinski Sepiroth V10 Hillclimb Edition 1.0

The King of Grip!

  1. Daaxoo
    '20 Brzinski Sepiroth V10 Hillclimb Edition

    I don't like losing. Won't deny it. XD And @TheCrySick has proven to be a worthy competitor. Took a lot of work, and rework, over the past couple of weeks, but I rebuilt the Sepiroth basically from the ground up, into a hillclimbing beast to challenge his monster! New turbo V10 engine, with enough torque to push past the insane aero settings on the car, making it fast, yet super-grippy at the same time.

    Happy to report - I got it! New record-holder, for the American Road 82km time trial!



    1. Screenshot553.png
    2. Screenshot556.png
    3. Screenshot557.png
    4. Screenshot558.png
    5. Screenshot559.png
    6. Screenshot560.png
    7. screenshot_2021-05-04_03-10-32.png
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