Unsupported 2000 Gavril Roamer Facelift (and Other New Roamer Parts)

Extra parts and configurations for the Gavril Roamer.

  1. Minor update:

    Toron Beldevar
    This update simply updates all the necessary Jbeams to But I really just wanted to fix the Roamer lettering not appearing on V8 4WD and V8 4WD XT models. It also fixes the tailgate having duplicate sections of nodes and removes duplicate parts from the body file. These changes also apply to the Roamer Sport and the 2000 Sport configuration pack.
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  2. Long time in the making... 0.9.0.x Update

    Toron Beldevar
    This is the update to the 2000 Gavril Roamer mod! I was planning on releasing this during the final days of, but I was kind of stumbling over a few niggling issues, and then I had to do a few more things when the 0.9.0 update to BeamNG.drive was released, and I was busy with other things as well. I’ve forgotten a few of the changes I’ve made to this mod, but what I’ve remembered is all in here.

    This changelog will be divided into three sections. This first bit is the new...
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  3. 2000 Gavril Roamer: 1.0 Released! (various updates and fixes)

    Toron Beldevar
    I finally got around to updating this mod. You can find a list of changes on the mod's front page. Have fun using the new version!
  4. Release Candidate (take two)

    Toron Beldevar
    I noticed that this previous release candidate had some "major internal faults" that prevented approval of this mod, and this resolves a large fraction of those issues.
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