2002-2012 Scarpa ION GT55 1.0

Scarpas tame car for showing off in Monaco, Idiotproof handling, comfortable to drive

  1. PlayKoyote24
    Warning: suspension and brakes are not set up for track useage, use at your own risk!

    The ION GT55 is Scarpas tamed Car for people during their midlife crisis or those that just want to show off. Or the people that want a sporty, yet comfortable, easy to drive Grand Tourer and don't care about money. It won't spin out and kill you unless you provocate it intentzonally.

    It is powered by a 5.5L crossplane V8 (which is really unusual for Scarpa) and has awd, with a 37-63 power split. It features a sequential, clutchless gearbox with 6 speeds, a 5 speed torque coinverter auto gearbox was an option too as the sequential has no auto mode.
    The car has a really soft ride for a Scarpa and feels heavier (but also more planted) than their other models, so it really isn't a true sports car but more for high speed cruising.

    The engine makes 520hp, has a lot of torque and is relatively quiet. It is limited to 338kph.

    screenshot_2021-07-11_12-06-30.png screenshot_2021-07-11_12-06-42.png screenshot_2021-07-11_12-06-52.png screenshot_2021-07-11_12-07-04.png screenshot_2021-07-11_12-07-16.png screenshot_2021-07-11_12-17-23.png
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