2003 Diamond D6 1.0

An Amazing, yet brilliant vehicle.

  1. Moosekiller
    The Diamond D6 is a luxury sedan with sporty attributes. All around the D6; Simple, yet elegant looks making the sedan a good looking car.
    Horse Power: 486 at 7300 RPM
    Torque: 377 at 5600 RPM
    Cost in 2003: $73000
    0-60: 5.5 seconds
    weight: 4700 ibs
    Engine: 5.6 V8

    The Diamond D6 has a stunning look to the front, while using simple dynamics.
    The rear of the Diamond D6 has a very mean look, yet keeping a pleasant, and desirable touch to the sedan.
    The Side of the Luxury Vehicle Blends the front, and the back, keeping the Diamond D6's Balanced look


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