2008 Serpent Ambarino XT 1.0

A large, thirsty yet very capable American off-road truck.

  1. Secrane
    Picture this;
    It's the 1990's. The old Jeeps and other off-road oriented military vehicles are quickly becoming outdated for use by the U.S. Military. A contract is put out to produce an off-road capable, large utility truck which can serve as a personnel transport vehicle.

    Enter the Serpent Ambarino XT!

    The previous model had been discontinued in 1991, which left the tab open for Serpent to continue its legacy. This time however, much more focus was placed on its off-road capability. While it remained exclusively in military use at first, denoted the UTC-M1 "Yu", demand for a road-going model back home prompted Serpent to produce it.

    This led to the development of the Ambarino as you see here - stripped of most of its military equipment, save for its helicopter tow hooks on the hood and in the bed.

    As a base motor, it was given a 255-horsepower low-revving turbocharged 4.5L I6 engine which hits max torque at just 1900 rpm, with enough lb-ft to pull down a house. It's equipped with an automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, differential lockers, and a low-range gearbox. It's also exceedingly tall, making almost any surface not-a-problem!


    Being so large, the Ambarino does suffer from very poor gas mileage, and it is not expected to fit in very small streets. Regardless, it is certainly a head-turner, and backs its large stature up with incredible utility. It enjoys fairly good crash safety, being big and heavy enough to obliterate any smaller objects while tanking larger ones.

    The wheels on the BeamNG model are slightly different.

    Thank you for driving my cars. I hope you enjoy!

    The Ambarino XT next to a Di Inferi DC048.

Recent Reviews

  1. Private_Miros
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent quality as usual Secrane. Your cars just ooze realism and lore.
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