2013 Regal Motors MicroSport S the only version

A tiny sports coupe with ambition

  1. Kasir
    Regal is a Japanese-American manufacturer starting in the 1990s. Their first car was the MicroSport in 1993. It was a very tiny car with one seat and a small but powerful (for the time) V6 with advanced (again, for the time) AWD. 20 years later after making only luxury SUVs and sedans, it came back with a twist. This time it had a V10. Well, a small V10. It went up to 160mph, and its main rival was the ETK TT-Series. Anyway enough talk, picture time!

    The upper grille was glitched on this one^ Don't mind it. It should be there in-game.


    1. HiResPhoto4.png
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