2014 Ibishu Nomad 1.1

Don't try to land softly

  1. OldTimersGaming
    2014_Ibishu_Blackfoot_Front.jpg 2014_Ibishu_Blackfoot_Back.jpg

    "The Ibishu Nomad is a natural off-roader - just don't try to use it for jumps, you'll regret it."

    The 2014 Ibishu Nomad is a lore-friendly version of the 2014-2018 pre-facelift Jeep Cherokee I made in Automation for BeamNG.drive. It is marketed as an Ibishu instead of being under an American brand because that is who the Hopper is made by. It was originally uploaded as the "Navajo" but I have changed it to "Nomad".

    Note: images may not reflect the current version of the vehicle.

    - FoxyOPito: "BeamNG Badges" mod for Automation that I used to make this (no longer available for download)
    - [#H7dr4_27](UA): Design suggestions
    - atomspeed123: Model name suggestion

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