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2019 A 370 LWB 1.1

"The best and nothing else"

  1. Xavoto
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    Hi everyone !
    I'm uploading this car I'm working on since 2 weeks now.
    I really wanted to create a proper "german limousine" like the S class.
    Here it is the 3.7L V12 Biturbo, Long Wheel Base version with 575HP.

    This car has a very modern handling and a very soft 9 Gears Automatic transmission, however it is capable of doing 310 km/h ~193 Mph.

    There is also a V8 more comon version coming out very soon, I'm working on it !

    I'll be happy to have any coments or advice from you guys !

    Have fun !

    Here some screens of the car :


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