2019 Enricord Bromo 4x4 1.0

My first off-road vehicle built in Automation UE4.

  1. Reiko's CF Emolga
    "Your time has come for an adventure. Enricord Bromo 4x4 is ready to be a part of your journey, short or long."

    You're looking at my first 4x4 off-road vehicle I ever build in Automation UE4. Here's some quick specs and performance figures!

    Quick Specs
    Model and Trim Name: Enricord Bromo 4x4
    Model and Trim Year: 2018/2019
    Layout: Front-Engined, 4-Wheel Drive
    Engine: 2.0L Turbocharged Inline-4 producing 140 HP @5600 RPM and 220 Nm of Torque @2800 RPM
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Locker Manual
    Suspension: Progressive Springs - Twin Tube Dampers - Off-Road Sway Bars
    Tyres: 205F/215R Chunky Off-Road
    Interior: 4-Seater - Basic Infotainment
    Driving Assists: ABS, TC, and ESC
    Weight: 1500 Kg
    MSRP: 11k - 13k (Automation credits)

    Quick Performance Figures:
    Top Speed: 105 Mp/h
    0 to 60: 10.5 seconds
    50 to 75: 8.6 seconds
    Braking 62 to 0: 50.4 meter
    Cornering 20m: 0.73g
    Cornering 200m: 0.70g
    Roll Angle: 7.1 degrees
    Weight Distribution: 52F/48R

    Interested? Click the download button and it's yours! Have fun in the journey and let me know what you think!
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