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2019 SKY Speedster 3,000 GT 1.2

The fun modern coupe that can drift, grip, and drag with 26 MPG. (Definitely not a Supra clone)

  1. skyeyemx
    2019 SKY Speedster
    3,000 GT
    In commemoration for the 3,000th Automation vehicle

    This car was built to be the ultimate toy

    It'll drift, it'll grip, it'll drag, and it'll do it all with no less than 26 miles per gallon. Thank the custom rear suspension for it's amazing handling.

    screenshot_2019-02-22_06-55-00.png screenshot_2019-02-22_06-55-19.png screenshot_2019-02-22_06-55-33.png

    The Speedster is powered by a 3.2-liter boxer-6 that produces 324 horsepower, and the vehicle itself weighs just 3,100 pounds. It's laden with fake vents that you can cut out and make functional on your tuner once you've got your hands dirty.


    It has a 7-speed automatic transmission, and we will not be supplying a manual transmission. Why? I dunno. No seriously; I don't know.
    The transmission powers the rear wheels through an electronically-controlled limited slip differential, capable of sending 5% of power to the front wheels if needed.

    It has vented front disc brakes and solid rear, both with ABS

    Now, stop reading, get out, and go buy yourself a Speedster. Or two. Or eight.

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  1. Fun handling!

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  1. Sandst4rm
    Version: 1.0
    very nice
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