2020 Apex Stratos TTR 1.0

The most dull sports car ever

  1. Kasir
    Apex was a sell-out company that started in January 2019 making cheap, rip-off, turbo-bunny body kits made out of fragile plastic. They made this crapbox in May of this year. It went to a major car show in New York and was hyped up to be...ahem..."Better than the K-Series and *chuckles* the SBR4 combined" Mind you, all this was said right next to those two companies' exhibits. You may be asking, "Well, what made this car such a failure, JDM?"...ok maybe not...But basically, it had a carbon fiber chassis stolen from a 2018 Bolide, it ripped off multiple cars style-wise, and promised 208 MPH but it seemed to top out at 120 since it has a terribly tuned Boxer-6. And what about that TTR tag? Well, it is a twin-turbo (a terrible one at that) but R was added for a sporty flair but didn't mean jack sh*t.
    Pictures (It's not the best looking, but it's supposed to be a cheap "sports" car manufactured in Florida, so don't expect Mclaren levels of beauty):
    Random top view for absolutely no good reason:
    Engine shot:

    Also, the cheeky f**ks tried to sell it for $350,500, but it was deducted to $30,000 after Civetta found out about the stolen chassis and after multiple buyers called it a scam. Civetta had them shut down and the buyers were refunded $450,000 courtesy of ETK and Hirochi. Only 3 are actually still around. the other 97 were scrapped and the factory they were made in was turned into a Nomi Garage for better uses.

    And also, before you write a review saying it's terrible, you've been played because that's how it was meant to be.
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