Beta 2020 BV Turbo 10R 900 Coupe 1.0

A 900 BHP Powerhouse! BV Turbo 10R 900 Coupe is a mouthful :D

  1. Benja

    2020 BV TURBO 10R 900 COUPE

    A pure five-door, four-seater luxurysport monster!

    I created this in Automation for my own enjoyment and drove it in BeamNG. I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with the world of BeamNG!! My first ever MOD here on BeamNG! Created with love for cars!

    This car was inspired by the almighty Mercedes AMG GT 63S.

    Let me start with the car stats:
    - 5.25 Ltr V10 Turbo engine
    - 900 hp with 1066 nm
    - 7 Gear automatic dual clutch transmission
    - All wheel drive with 35% Front /65% Rear power distribution that allows you to easily drift the car into a corner.
    - Top speed 361kph (Confirmed with BeamNG testing)
    - 300 kg of downforce from undertray, front lip, and rear spoiler. For optimal stability at high speeds
    - Empty weight: 2143 kg
    - ESC + Launch Control
    - 275 mm Front / 335 mm Rear tire width
    - 6 Piston front and rear ceramic brakes

    Fun facts:
    This car was designed with the inspiration from the AMG GT 63S, as this is my dream car. Created an even more powerful engine than the original with an emotional V10 Turbo sound with pops and bangs. The car is stable while driving 300+ kph due to a sport/race suspension setup, 300 kg of downforce, and wide semi slick tires. This thing is stable! You can almost go flat-out 300+ kph on the Italy map along the highway without any problems. Just pure driving pleasure.

    Let me know what you think! Would like to hear feedback from you on where I can improve technically and design wise! Please don't forget to rate this mod!!! Maybe this can become a hobby! ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. pixeaudi
    Version: 1.0
    First mod!? Please tell me you're lying. I can't see first-modness in here. The only problem with it comes in the CD05 MRO, everything else is just AWESOME
    1. Benja
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the 5 star rating! Really appreciate it, and glad that you liked it! It is indeed my first mod. Please explain what you mean with CD05 MRO?
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