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2020 Gavard Sooper Duty HD2500 1.0

Heavy duty truck featuring the all new 7.3L "Gourdzilla" V8 and 4X4

  1. Rio_Grande
    The 2020 model Gavard Sooper Duty HD2500 is meant for fleet and commercial use, Debut of the all new 7.3L "Gourdzilla" v8 and the 9 speed automatic power train ensures durability and towing capability, with reduced maintenance costs.

    435 horsepower @5800rpm
    475 ft.lbs of torque @2700rpm
    revised 9R20HD 9 speed automatic
    Viscous limited slip differential
    Part time "Super-Trac" 4x4.

    If you enjoyed the mod, be sure to give a rating, reviews are appreciated!
    screenshot_2020-02-17_15-38-38.png screenshot_2020-02-17_15-36-44.png screenshot_2020-02-17_15-37-54.png screenshot_2020-02-17_15-45-41.png
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