2020 Koyote Altair 1.0

New gen of Midsize Koyote, new gen of Koyote Engines

  1. PlayKoyote24
    If you want a different engine in your Koyote Altair, eventually with more displacement... the user Shadowfast made an LS2 swapped Altair TH, avaiable here: https://www.beamng.com/resources/mod-of-mod-2020-koyote-altair-shadow.15220/

    This is the all new 2020 Koyote Altair. The difference between this and the old 2012-2020 Altair is... it has got a facelift, is more expensive and has only ONE ENGINE. And finally, Koyote abandoned the Koyote F Series engine, that was used in the old Altair in form of the F22 inline 4s, that were also used in... nearly every other Koyote car.
    this one has the all new, completely from scratch built Koyote ZOOM engine.
    Which means... it has a 2.0l inline 4, with 20 Valves/5 per Cylinder and a turbo strapped to it.
    The engine has various performance stages for the different variants of the car,
    - The "2.0t" base variant uses... a 2.0l i4 turbo (yes, I had to make that joke) without an intercooler,so the power is adequate with 230p, but it doesn't have all that much torque and is supposed to feel like a N/A engine. The 2.0t has rwd
    screenshot_2020-11-07_22-34-35.png screenshot_2020-11-07_22-34-50.png
    - The Turbo version, which has... a 2.0t i4, hasn't just awd (like the old gen turbos had), it also has an intercooler and develops ~250hp, but 390NM of torque, the 2.0t has only 230NM of torque

    screenshot_2020-11-07_22-36-41.png screenshot_2020-11-07_22-37-00.png
    - The TH replaces the 3.0 V6 Versions of the old generation Altair. The Th has AWD, a 300hp engine (guess what engine^^) and an automatic transmission
    - The THS/TH sport replaces the 3.0 Sport and has the same 300hp engine, but is rwd and manual only, also you get a sportier suspension and better brakes.

    screenshot_2020-11-07_22-32-58.png screenshot_2020-11-07_22-33-08.png screenshot_2020-11-07_22-33-24.png
    The Altair Apex TGH-X uses the ZOOM TGH-X Engine which means it has a 2.0l, 20V inline 4 turbo engine.... with 500hp.It is literelly the Apex of engineering. No cheats, just a powerful inline 4.
    The acceleration with awd, dualclutch transmission and 500 hp from 0 to like 250 is astonishing AND if you set your cruise control to 120kph, you get really good gas mileage cause you are only using a 2.0l i4. And yes, it has some turbo lag, but only below 2300rpm and the engine revs really quickly so it is barely noticeable.


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Recent Reviews

  1. SmashBurgerJ
    Version: 1.0
    Love Your Mods, Still working on figuring out interiors and a bonus my hard drive failed that had steam games, but ill redownload it on my new drive

    Sweet! interior update?
  2. Shadowfast
    Version: 1.0
    Cool little range. Apex is a quick car and is nicely tuned in.
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review dude^^
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