2020 OJ x240i Sport 1.0

OJ x240i Sport

  1. SirBlank
    The 2020 OJ x240i Sport is a high end performance sedan, focused on track and acceleration especially, it handles very good and does 0-100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds with a top speed at 300km/h. It uses a naturally aspirated 4.8L boxer 6 engine pushing out 630hp and 600NM of torque, redline at 8500RPM! It is four wheel drive with a power distribution of 60%rear and 40%front which makes it handle good and if you want you can drift it like a king! It has a 6 speed dual clutch system.
    It has carbon ceramic 6 piston brakes at front and rear.
    It has 19 inch carbon fibre wheels and sport tires.

    Put this file in your mod folder where all other automation cars go.


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