2020 Wombat RBW 20T 1.0

An absurdly powerful Australian supercar

  1. TheHumanRat
    Nordschleife Laptime

    Wombat RBW 20T
    RedBull Wombat 20 Track

    3.5L V10 N/A Hybrid
    1100BHP @14,000RPM

    Weight: 889Kg

    0-60MPH/ 0-100km/h in: 0.5 seconds.

    screenshot_2019-02-07_16-13-34.png screenshot_2019-02-07_16-17-30.png screenshot_2019-02-07_16-17-40.png screenshot_2019-02-07_16-18-00.png screenshot_2019-02-07_16-21-48.png

    The RBW 20T was built in partnership with RedBull, and Australian manufacturer Wombat and was built as a concept car for their idea of what Wombat could enter into the LMP series with the new set of regulations.

    Despite being a track based car, the Wombat RBW 20T is actually street legal and road worthy in most countries, and is the slowest version in the RBW 20 series.

    The monstrous numbers of rpm, 0-60, and Power-Weight ratio made the RBW 20T seem ready for a 24hr endurance as it is, however the car is severely limited to 300km/h due to the dramatic downforce, and the Nurburgring Nordschleife lap-time made chances of winning the 24hr's become more and more distant, with its lap time close to stock, unmodified Bugatti Veyron's, Ford GT's and the Ferrari 430.

    Only 15 RBW 20T's were put into production, at a price of $900,000

Recent Reviews

  1. workyclock
    Version: 1.0
    I really like it! very fun to drive, especially on straights. For the looks, I think it's pretty good. Some parts are a bit quirky, like the 6 exhausts and the bronze wheels. For this mod, I'd probably recommend using a controller, as it has a lot of power behind it. Overall, it's a pretty great car! C:
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