2021 Cominturismo 1117 1.0

Finally decent to drive

  1. killercar34
    I've been a long time viewer of Consider's YouTube channel, back when he was still making vehicles for the first ever Autopolitan. After re-watching the Comminturismo 1117 (which wasn't called the 1117 until the Capital video, at least as far as I know), I've wondered what a 1117 would look like if it was redesigned for the modern day, and I decided to bring my idea to life. Of course, in order for the car to make sense in a modern era, I couldn't recreate the 203cc 5.1hp I3 in the original 1117, so I decided to make a modern interpretation of it along the lines of "Cominturismo eventually became a somewhat successful automotive company after the fall of the USSR, surviving to the modern day and now known for making some of the cheapest and quirkiest production vehicles of all time," aka, my headcannon until Consider eventually makes a modern Cominturismo and makes offical lore for the company's future... or present, I guess.

    Car Backstory: Years after the fall of the USSR, Nopal and DeluxoMoto providing financial support in order to build the Capital, and finally proving that they were capable of providing the automotive world with a car that wasn't complete garbage, Cominturismo decided to pay tribute to the little hatchback that started it all by bringing it to the modern era. With a 1.0L 63hp I3 coupled to a 6 speed automatic transmission, the new 1117 is ready to carry the legacy of it's predecessor and create a legacy of it's own. If you need a affordable, practical, and quirky hatchback to take you around town, then the '21 1117 is the perfect car for you!

    NOTE: I do NOT own the Cominturismo brand, nor was it my idea. Cominturismo, Nopal, and DeluxoMoto belongs to Consider, this is just a fan made vehicle.

    By the way, I know Consider may never see this, but if he ever does, I just wanted to say thank you for making very entertaining videos and being the main inspiration for me getting Automation and Beamng in the first place!


    1. Cominturismo1117.png
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