2021 Hirochi Jungleer 1.0

Boxer powered crossover that has the offroading performance of a fullsize SUV

  1. Revhead Gaming
    Hirochi saw that there was growing popularity in the crossover SUV market (their main rival being the Cherrier Tograc). They decided to build something that would be better than all other crossovers by balancing the all-round factors of the vehicle. They thought that using their base model SBR4's engine to power their SUV while also adding constant AWD with a 50-50 power distribution, a new 7-speed automatic and smart limited-slip differentials would make the car corner well because of the boxer 4's low centre of gravity while also having great offroad ability with the AWD system and intelligent differentials that would give it the ability to dig into even the softest and most loose terrain. All of these engineering feats meant that Hirochi easily dominated the crossover market as soon as they put it into production.


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Recent Reviews

  1. OldTimersGaming
    Version: 1.0
    Pretty good. I would like to see that version with the red on the bottom of it as a mod sometime too.
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