2021 Koyote LS 1.0

No more V10s for the "big Koyote". New styling, new 3l i6 Turbo engines

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The new Koyote LS ditches the V10 engine concept of its predecessors, starting with the OG V10 and its 4.2l in the 1980s, the Solara, Solara 2000, Solara LS and the glorious 5.9l V10 from the last Gen LS. Also, it ditches the AWD system from last gens LS.
    To get more ecoifriendly, they used their new "one engine" concept:
    All engines are basically the same, the FX4 is a 2l i4 base engine, the FX3 in the Vektor is missing one cylinder and the all new FX6 in this new LS added two cylinders more, but the blocks are identical if you look at the cylinders individually.
    The new FX6 engine is a really modern engine with 5 valves per cylinder, dual overhead camshafts, VVT and turbocharging.
    It comes in two stages:
    The 314hp, 420NM TGE in the LS TGE, coupled to a 9 speed automatic of the newest generation for optimal cruising and fuel efficiency (and it is really really good: The LS 21 has a really low drag coefficient and with careful diving or cruise control, you can drive at 170kph with less than 6l/100km / you can get 40mog at 105mph )
    and the TGS with 590hp and more torque and a bit more sound, coupled to a 7 speed dualclutch transmission and rwd aswell because no more awd for sedans.
    The focus was shifted more towards the interior with a simple layout, comfortable seats and a 3 display, all digital dashboard.

    screenshot_2021-05-30_11-51-40.png screenshot_2021-05-30_11-51-48.png screenshot_2021-05-30_11-52-14.png screenshot_2021-05-30_11-52-27.png screenshot_2021-05-30_11-52-42.png
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