2021 Sunburst FS-GT 1.0

The luxurious German GT car

  1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    "Sunburst Automotives is a rising car company that was founded by Rumble and Apollo in 1880. The members of Sunburst Automotives are constantly working to pull out the best cars in the automotive industry. Their first best seller iconic cars are the Sunburst Luxtera and Econa."

    This car was fully designed and J beam engineered by Wo Ilank and engineered by Rumble.

    Sunburst automotives presents: The Sunburst FS-GT. A very luxurious German gran tourer capable of long term travels and high speeds in case you get bored.

    Full specs list: A
    big v16 producing 460HP at its redline of 8000RPM
    : Very confortable
    sports compound tyres
    : RWD drivetrain
    : Luxury interior.
    : A top speed of 203MPH
    : A 0-60 time of 3.50 seconds

    This very luxurious grand tourer is capable of high speed while providing the luxury required for you sensible body. The interior is carefully designed by German designers and perfectly engineered by more German engineers.

    This car was mostly designed and made in Germany with the help of Wo Ilanks's company.

    We didn't take photos of the interior so it is fully a suprise for you when you see this in the dealership ;))

    All of this can be yours are the luxurious price of 150000€(VAT included). Or if you can prove that you have owned a sunburst car for more than 10 years, you will get a huge discount allowing you to buy this car for just 50000€.

    "Sunburst... memories that last forever"

    (if you like our work and want to support us you can donate here: https://www.patreon.com/sunburstautomotives)

    (You can join our community here: https://discord.gg/dqzKpDGYCY)

    (Thank you for getting this far, drive safe :D)
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