2022 Advant Mulsanne M300P 1.0

Premium French Hatchback

  1. Bryan Wold
    Premium Version of the M300. Advanced Automatic transmission, Engine from the Base model but with a Turbo, better Upholstery, Blacked roof, and Muscle rims.
    32 mpg, 219 hp, all this for $33500.


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Recent Reviews

  1. get_sunny
    Version: 1.0
    Lovely Car And Done Well, Interior Is Great! It Could Maybe Use A Little More Detail On The Back, But It's A Very Nice Car Regardless.
    1. Bryan Wold
      Author's Response
      Why thank you! I'll tell the Advant company to invest on a facelift that doesn't leave the back too bland, but otherwise I appreciate you like the car!
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