Beta 2022 Howler Elemental V10 Plus

Stunning 350 mph luxury beast, yours to tame! Sleek refreshed version, reviewed by Neilogical!

  1. Howler Incorporated
    This is the Howler Elemental, a supercar unlike any other! With beautiful, sleek styling by a graphic design student, and the smooth power of a twin turbocharged V10 (pushing this elegant machine to a stable 308 mph), the Elemental is the perfect package for you.

    The Elemental was the debut vehicle for Howler Incorporated, the newest venture of its multi-billionaire CEO Greyson Howler. Greyson's personal collection includes many Anarchy and Trajano vehicles, but he wanted to add a dash of luxury and elegance to the supercar market with his new Howler marque.

    Want a bespoke, one of a kind Howler vehicle? For free?! Custom options are available! Requests can be submitted through email to, or through the official Howler Discord server, Finished vehicles are delivered safely and securely through Google Drive.

    |2022 Howler Elemental Specifications:
    Price | $3,400,000
    Power | 1,680 HP
    Top Speed | 341 MPH

    Feedback in the form of questions, comments, or suggestions is welcome and appreciated! Welcome to the Howler family!

Recent Reviews

  1. AlexDig
    Version: Plus
    Alright, so let`s start with basics here. Here I've got Acceleration testing with and without ESC and also breaking from max speed to 0. Acceleration is one of the best I've seen, but breaking sucks, as you can see. Also back breaks fade a lot.

    Next is drag racing. It did pretty great, 7.6xx seconds is very decent. It did 1 second slower, then my flagship for drag racing.

    I was running before speedome stopped gaining speed
    Also theres another stip, but way longer. It's highway on the West Coast. Again, very decent result, 1 second slower, then same car, as my flagship for dragstrip

    Note: Following rests were made with turned on ESC and ABS, as I do on any car. Following tracks I also use for such a fast cars as this one.

    Now things are becoming very interesting, because I unleashed it on an actual track. I would say, that it has too much power for this one and also gears are too long, but it still did 1 : 44 : xxx. It`s decent, but its like 9 seconds slower, then my flagship for this track. As I was saying before handling feels like its lacking mostly.

    However, on a twisty configuration it showed better result, so I`m really surprised. Still not the best, as u can see

    Next one is a Hirochi racetrack. Where the lack of breaking made it fall down to 20th place. So the obvious conclusion is: you eather go full race, or keep it for top speed, because it is gonna loose to the real race bolides.

    But the perfomance test on Hirochi went quite well. There when I learned that it handles better on upshift.

    Interesting things starts from here:
    It`s more top speed oriented track, thats why this car starts doing really well, especially on that long curve. Funny enough, top speed wasn't reached on any of the following top speed tracks, but acceleration did it's job

    Also I did check it out on the Italian highway. The difference from West Coast one, is its still top speed testing, but you also have to turn. Theres where I learned, that before 187mph (300 km/h) it handles good, but after this mark it starts getting worse. It got top 2 for this discipline too.

    This one was mostly acceleration test, because track is really small, but you don't have to turn, because theres slopes that keep your speed, so you just have to keep pressing gas. However I noticed, that speed drops down as you go on the slope, because its peak power is only at the end of the graph

    Next one goes top speed test on full track in the new grid 2.0 area. There's when the things did not go well, because it's speed was dropping to 200mph (320km/h) once I was hitting slopes. However top speed and acceleration did their jobs done

    Overall I also can add, that body for this car was chosen wisely, because this body has a lot of downforce already, so it can handle this speed and keep itself on the road.
    I wasn't testing this car on the real streets and shorter tracks, because of this power I literally just could tap the gas and smash the wall already.
    So I would try to make different versions of this car, if you want to be better on something specifically, because making balance doesn't give it real race perfomance.

    Thats all I wanted to tell, after testing this car.
    I test cars on keyboard, so results may not be the best possible, but as all of my cars have simmilar terms of participation, you can see how leaderboard could`ve build comparing to other cars on the same track
  2. hoverboardholligan
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