2023 GS Concierge Edition 500 1.0

The new flagship coupé from GS Motors

    The launch of the new Concierge marks GS' entry into the luxury coupe market. In market as tough as this one they had to make the new concierge stand out, and with this car's unique styling it cetainly does, the long bonnet with the low mounted headlights creates a distinct look without losing GS's signature features like the hexagonal DRLs. To celebrate the launch of the concierge, GS made a limited edition launch version, called the Edition 500, it's limited to 500 units worldwide. I features bronze accents and special 23inch alloys. It's powered by a 510Bhp 4.4liter V8 putting out 510Bhp, the power goes to the rear wheels through an 8-speed Automatic Gearbox. Price for the Edition 500 starts at 108000$.


    Engine: 4.4l Twin_Turbocharged V8

    Power: 509Bhp @ 6800RPM

    Torque: 736Nm @ 3500RPM

    Gearbox: 8-speed Automatic

    Drivetrain: RWD w/LSD

    Weight: 1852kg (50F/50R)

    Price: 108000$

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