Beta 2nd Gen Pessima Drag Parts + Turbo Kit 1.1.1

The new pessima makes its way down the 1/4 mile a little faster this time

  1. Fordster
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    It is highly suggested that you download CJD Special Tunes by thatguy47 to have AWD capabilities this mod is intended for.

    This is a refreshed and improved version of the vanilla Covet turbo kit that includes improved textures, improved performance (2.0L DOHC I4 High RPM Engine), and fitment for the 2nd Generation Pessima. Credit to Glen006 for work on the motor.


    This mod also includes body parts for the 2nd Generation Pessima suited for drag racing, or just bigger wheels in general. These parts were created by me. The list includes:

    Unibody FWD & AWD Drag
    Drag Front Bumper
    AWD Rear Bumper
    Drag Front Right & Left Fenders
    Cut Hood
    Four Configurations are included for easy selection: FWD Drag (A), FWD Drag (M), AWD Drag (A), and AWD Drag (M)


    Hope you all enjoy!

    Model Credits:
    Turbo manifold and turbo - "turbocharger set up" by bwph4273

    Special thanks to Meo_3000_QC for providing texture formatting and knowledge.​

Recent Updates

  1. Material.cs fix 2.0
  2. Materials.cs fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Zawmbbeh
    Version: 1.1.1
    the modelling is well done besides the occasional weird lighting spot, otherwise i love how melty it looks on the melty pessima! i like this c:
    1. Fordster
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I hope to improve the shading in the future!
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