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Beta 3.0L Diesel Sound For Van (Gavril-H) 1.221

An authentic, 3.0L Diesel sound for the van to make it sound more...diesely? Yeah.

  1. Correct version! Tweaked sample volumes, smoothed again, fix pops...1 final update to come

    Last update will add two replacement samples to fix the 1000-2200rpm "phasing" hopefully.
  2. Fixes to remove "duplicate" jbeam entries

    As above
  3. 1.2 QOL Changes

    Smoothed RPM blends (hopefully), quieter initial peak gain (overall volume), removed "overrev" .flac as it sounds kinda off with the FMOD blend (kept in file for now just unused). Increased power of engine to give it a much punchier low end and more HP overall. Ever so slightly lowered max RPM.
  4. 1.1 Update. Better over rev sound, bit more treble added, lowered bass slighly

    This is just a small update to add the "over rev" sample and to try to improve that sound further, bit more treble added overall to all "_on" samples to make it sound more pronounced, lowered bass slighly so it's not as "peaky" in places :).