3.2 diesel V6 for ETK 800 series 3.0

Big ancient underpowered cast-iron turbodiesel

  1. Configurations, stage two turbocharger

    Added stage 2 turbocharger (270 hp and 603 Nm) and three configurations.
    856tdcx- AWD, stage 1 turbo, comfort suspension. 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic.
    856tdcx+ - AWD, stage 2 turbo, comfort suspension, 8-speed automatic, rear LSD
    856tdcx+ is fastest comfort spec 800 series, goes 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds! 856tdcx goes in either 6.9 (manual) or 5.4 (automatic).
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  2. NOS support

    Make this slow and thirsty car a bit more fun with nitrous injection!
  3. Proper 3D model and sounds

    Replaced the old, inline-6 derived 3D model with a new, scratch-made one. (Shown with turbocharger removed).
    screenshot_00383.png screenshot_00384.png
    Also added V6 sounds.
  4. Materials fix

    Now materials won't conflict with official ones
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