Experimental 3 simple vanilla rally configs part 1 0.1

Cars: LeGran, Bolide, and best of all the VAN

  1. TheodoreB
    This is my first mod, all it is a few cars with vanilla parts and tuning. WARNING NONE HAVE ROLLCAGES because my computer has a problem where it makes roll cages bright blue except for a couple cars which most are modded cars except for the bluebuck.


    The bolide is my favorite I put better suspension, weight reduction, 390GTR engine with tuning, and special gear and diff tuning to match a legendary rally car of the 70s. It is a little over 3000 pounds. It is awesome!

    The LeGran has more powerful engine parts on the v6 than the the normal sport. it has a special tuned suspension and a manual.


    Yes I made a Rally van it has AWD, stiffer and taller suspension, weight reduction and special bumpers. It also has a manual.

    I am planning maybe in the future to make part 2 which would be like this but with different cars with one being strange like the van if anyone has any redamations for part 2 tell me in the comments It isn't a mod that adds anything new since I cant figure out how to add a custom blender part or something like that.

    I have tested these cars at the rally mountain map and they didn't do bad especially the bolide did great but the van didn't do the greatest because, well its a van. Please go download that mod it is awesome but you don't have to, just look up rally mountain you can use low end computers for that map too.

    You might have to move the file called rallylegranmod.zip to the correct files and open it.

    Have a great day!


    1. screenshot_2020-10-22_09-42-15.png
    2. screenshot_2020-10-22_10-16-11.png
    3. screenshot_2020-10-22_10-35-56.png
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