358 ci nascar engine 1.05

nascar engine sound mod

  1. add barstow f2 + little engine change

    add barstow f2

    add "starterThrottleKillTime": 1.3 to make engine longer to start

    increase engine friction and decrease inertia to make engine rev up and down faster

    decrease max idle throttle to 0.1 (0.15 standard) : more easy to stall

    engine rev up to 9.8k now
  2. add custom starter sound and fix drag transmission

    add custom starter sound and fix automatic drag transmission not working correctly.
  3. add moonhawk and torque converter

    add moonhawk and new torque converter for automatic transmission
  4. add bluebuck

    add bluebuck and make some liiiitle change to the sound for try to make it better.
  5. crash fix

    possible fix for mod cause game crash
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