Beta 4.4L V8 engine for the ETK 800/K series 3.2

Adds a new V8 engine based on the 4.2L FSI V8 engine for the ETK 800/K series

  1. _Tanco
    Ever wanted a smooth and realistic modern V8 in the ETKs ? Here it is ! The objective of this mod is to feel and look as realistic as possible, with accurate torque curve, specs and models.

    Features :
    - V8 model using the Gavril's V8 engine model with ETK headers and intake + unused official double exhaust model

    - Stock intake, and 3 turbochargers producing 342, 520, 650 and 790 horsepower, the stock engine's specs are based on the 4.2L FSI V8 engine who has been used in many Audi cars.


    - One High Rpm long block that can rev up to 8250 rpm and produce 450hp, however it wasn't designed to receive a forced induction

    -One Drag block designed to handle the power of the stage 3 turbocharger that produce 1180HP

    - 4 factory configs for each car (800 and K series so 8) with every config having a manual and automatic variant so 16 in total.

    - One drag config for the ETK 800 and one Hillclimb config for the ETK K (which increases the amount of configs in the mod to 18)

    - Nice engine sound made with an heavily tweaked combination of Bolide's engine sound and Pickup's exhaust sound

    Gallery :
    screenshot_2021-07-08_15-08-59.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-10-13.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-11-34.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-12-43.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-14-13.png
    Pre 0.23 update video :

    A nice video made by @Luis Ferrari :

    Credits :
    - Me, porting/changing the engine model, creating the engine and all his part's jbeam, creating all the configs and making all the adjustements to make it realistic
    - @Luis Ferrari Testing and feedback
    - BeamNG dev team, creating all the assets I needed for the mod (gavril V8 block, ETK I4 headers, ETK I6/I4 turbo intake, engine sounds, ...)

    Known Issues :
    - The exhaust's jbeam is pretty bad, I won't improve it as I don't have the knowledge in jbeam to make it properly.
    - The pulleys on the ETK K's V8 are slightly offset. A few other parts doesn't match perfectly the wanted position but that's not very noticeable

    Don't put bad reviews if the mod doesn't work at all, it's most probably a problem coming from your side. Feel free to send me a message to explain your issue.
    Have fun ! :D

Recent Reviews

  1. Seum
    Version: 3.2
    I love this! I have been playing with this all day long!
    I also have a sugestion... Would you mind adding a bigger fuel tank like 90l for the etk 800 so it can help with the range? :D
  2. MikeVrnr
    Version: 3.2
    also what tires did you use in the nurburgring video? Thanks <3
  3. Kilu888
    Version: 3.2
    Really good mod!
  4. Soubruh
    Version: 3.2
    One of the best engine mods!
    1. _Tanco
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I spent a lot of time polishing the mod to make it look as official as possible, im happy that you enjoy it :)
  5. Like_a_Sleeper
    Version: 3.2
    i Love this mod, it finishes the ETK and now its the best car in the game
  6. freddX
    Version: 3.1
    its good, make it sound like the angry Mercedes SLS
  7. FRSBR4
    Version: 3.1
    Amazing mod, but can you add extended gauges?
    1. _Tanco
      Author's Response
      Thanks, maybe one day, but that's not planned for now. I still need to learn a lot of things about texturing
  8. Mullayho
    Version: 3.1
    One of the best engine mods out there. I really apreciate how you took the efort to make the engine bay look as good as it does!
  9. SKB
    Version: 3.1
    Amazing. great sounding engine this.. Good cruiser, makes a ton of power, and with most transmisson mods supporting this, this thing is quick.
  10. Tom Varad
    Tom Varad
    Version: 3.1
    Can you do an ETK I swap please?
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