Beta Petrol & Diesel V8 engines for the ETK 800/K series 4.0.1

Adds 2 new V8 engine based on the TDI & TSI V8 engines for the ETK 800/K series

  1. _Tanco

    Ever wanted to feel the german V8s in beamng ? Here it is ! The objective of this mod is to feel and look as realistic as possible, with accurate torque curve, specs and models.

    I took various inspirations for the specs of the engines. The Petrol V8 is based on the 4.2 FSI for the n/a variant, on the RS4 engine for the high rpm variant and on the 4.0 AMG V8 for the turbo variants.
    The diesel engine is seperated between two blocks : the stock block is based on the Mercedes OM629 and the 4.0 TDI V8 engine and the tdSport block is an interpretation of how would have been a modern german Diesel V8, I took some liberties about it but I based myself on BMW's B57 engine for some technical specs.

    Features :
    • V8 model using the Gavril's V8 engine model with ETK headers and intake + unused official double exhaust model
    • A 4.4L Petrol V8 engine featuring :
    • - 1 Stock intake, and 3 turbochargers producing 342, 520, 650 and 790 horsepower, the stock engine's specs are based on the 4.2L FSI V8 engine who has been used in many Audi cars.

      - One High Rpm long block that can rev up to 8250 rpm and produce 450hp, however it wasn't designed to receive a forced induction

      - One Drag block designed to handle the power of the stage 3 turbocharger that produce 1180HP
    • A 4.1L Diesel V8 Diesel engine (ONLY for the ETK 800) featuring :
    • - 2 turbochargers producing 280 and 350 (450hp with the tdSport block).

      - 2 engine blocks, the stock one is based on IRL "old" german Diesel V8 and the performance one is an interpretation of what would have been a post 2010 german Diesel V8, it is based on the B57 engine.
    • 4 factory configs for each car (800 and K series so 8) with every config having a manual and automatic variant so 16 in total.
    • One drag config for the ETK 800 and one Hillclimb config for the ETK K (which increases the amount of configs in the mod to 18)
    • 3 Diesel factory configs only for the ETK 800 with both manual and automatic options. All these configs summed up raise the config numbers to 24
    • Nice engine sound made with an heavily tweaked combination of Bolide's engine sound and Pickup's exhaust sound for the Petrol version, and Gavril Diesel V8 for the Diesel V8 engine.
    • Full compatibility with the remastered ETK S-Series mod

    Gallery :
    screenshot_2021-07-08_15-08-59.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-10-13.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-11-34.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-12-43.png screenshot_2021-07-08_15-14-13.png
    Small video showing the 3 main different engines in the mod :

    A nice driving video using my mod :

    Credits :
    - Me, porting/changing the engine model, creating the engines and all their part's jbeam, creating all the configs and making all the adjustements to make it realistic
    - BeamNG dev team, creating all the assets I needed for the mod (gavril V8 block, ETK I4 headers, ETK I6/I4 turbo intake, engine sounds, ...)

    Known Issues :
    - The exhaust's jbeam is pretty bad, I won't improve it as I don't have the knowledge in jbeam to make it properly.
    - The pulleys on the ETK K's Petrol V8 are slightly offset. A few other parts doesn't match perfectly the wanted position but that's not very noticeable

    Don't put bad reviews if the mod doesn't work at all, it's most probably a problem coming from your side. Feel free to send me a message to explain your issue.

    Have fun ! :D

Recent Updates

  1. Small hotfix
  2. The Diesel V8 update
  3. Small fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Seum
    Version: 4.0.1
    Any plans on making the exhaust fumes less obvious on the diesel variant?
    Or make it up to the players choice so we can roll coal this or keep it ,,eco".
    :D cool mod so far
    1. _Tanco
      Author's Response
      Not a bad idea, maybe I'll add that in a future update
  2. SpookyJim
    Version: 3.3.1
    such a well made mod i thought it was part of the base game until i formatted my pc and saw that the v8 engine wasn't in the vehicle config anymore
  3. mazdarati2
    Version: 3.3
    Great fun
  4. dumpling
    Version: 3.3
    Very very nice engine mod, but please add a more durable long block or engine internal since sometimes the ETK's like to over torque very easily
    1. _Tanco
      Author's Response
      Yeah I am aware of this issue. The update changed a bit the engine specs and I need to fix it. But remember that the stage 3 turbocharger should be used only on the drag block, the stock intake and stock turbocharger needs the stock long block or better and the stage 1 & 2 turbocharger needs the heavy duty long block or better.
  5. Seum
    Version: 3.2
    I love this! I have been playing with this all day long!
    I also have a sugestion... Would you mind adding a bigger fuel tank like 90l for the etk 800 so it can help with the range? :D
  6. MikeVrnr
    Version: 3.2
    also what tires did you use in the nurburgring video? Thanks <3
  7. Kilu888
    Version: 3.2
    Really good mod!
  8. Soubruh
    Version: 3.2
    One of the best engine mods!
    1. _Tanco
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I spent a lot of time polishing the mod to make it look as official as possible, im happy that you enjoy it :)
  9. Like_a_Sleeper
    Version: 3.2
    i Love this mod, it finishes the ETK and now its the best car in the game
  10. freddX
    Version: 3.1
    its good, make it sound like the angry Mercedes SLS
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