Alpha 4.8L V6 For Barstow and moonhawk 0.1

V6 Smogger from the 60-70s

  1. devo343
    This is my first mod. I wanted to make a interesting engine config for the barstow and moonhawk.

    This mods adds a under powered smoggy beefy V6 for the barstow and moonhawk. Its not perfect but i think its cool. The 2 engine variants are using the barstow v8 mesh.

    for the sound i slapped A V6 And V8 together so that you could the beefy engine noise but also the grunt of the V6 its interesting to hear

    They have configs that you would normally use on a barstow v8. So yes you can supercharge them

    Known Issues
    1. Moonhawk variant The exhaust is coming out of the hood.
    2. Moonhawk variant engine mesh doesn't show up.

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