Beta 4x4 Offroad Endurance 0.5

A simple looped track with various un settled terrain

  1. Offroading drive
    This is a fun simple, Off-road Endurance cource
    This map includes
    -Oval dirt track with jumps and dips
    -Mud tracks
    -Hill climbs

    Auto download: Just hit subscribe

    Manual download: Download Zip, than put in beam ng mods folder

    PLEASE READ: DM me on discord: Offline#7790 Bugs or Sugs


    1. 4x4Endurance.jpg
    2. image_2021-11-05_152012.png
    3. image_2021-11-05_152058.png
    4. image_2021-11-05_152117.png
    5. image_2021-11-05_152132.png
    6. image_2021-11-05_152157.png
    7. image_2021-11-05_152221.png
    8. image_2021-11-05_152319.png
    9. image_2021-11-05_152418.png
    10. image_2021-11-05_152430.png
    11. image_2021-11-05_152554.png
    12. image_2021-11-05_152610.png
    13. image_2021-11-05_152636.png
    14. image_2021-11-05_152704.png
    15. image_2021-11-06_091755.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Lozza122
    Version: 0.5
    A simple yet fun track to bash around on. Cant wait to see it expanded upon, maybe some consistency with the dirt bump section?
    Good job!
  2. Wilfred M. Wolfe
    Wilfred M. Wolfe
    Version: 0.5
    It’s simple but it’s very fun to drive fast around it. I like it :D
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