Beta 4x4 Offroad 0.15

This is a fun simple, multi route rock crawling and hill climbing course.

  1. Offroading drive
    This is a fun simple, multi route rock crawling and hill climbing course.
    After all this is my FIRST MAP I am planning on making a new map that's better as this map was kind of my test map
    This map includes
    -Many rock sections
    -Oval dirt track with jumps
    -Many mud tracks
    -Hill climbs
    -Mountain climbs
    -Two Time Trials

    Auto download: Just hit subscribe

    Manual download: Download Zip, than put in beam ng mods folder

    PLEASE READ: DM me on discord: Offline#7790 OR Report suggestions and bugs here


    1. image_2021-10-29_204146.png
    2. image_2021-10-30_193845.png
    3. image_2021-10-30_194019.png
    4. image_2021-10-30_194150.png
    5. image_2021-10-30_194219.png
    6. image_2021-10-30_194315.png
    7. image_2021-10-30_194421.png
    8. image_2021-10-30_194453.png
    9. image_2021-10-30_194605.png
    10. image_2021-10-30_194622.png
    11. image_2021-10-30_194710.png
    12. image_2021-10-30_194750.png
    13. image_2021-10-30_194948.png
    14. image_2021-11-01_193256.png
    15. image_2021-11-01_193915.png

Recent Reviews

  1. oioioioo
    Version: 0.15
    It's a very fun map for just messing around or tuning suspensions, but there are a few spots where there are floating trees, and spots where the terrain is VERY rough/blocky, especially in muddy areas. Topography mixed with the placement of rocks makes the map feel a little "cartoony," but all in all it's a good map, especially for a first effort.
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the feedback!
  2. MrDerpsicle
    Version: 0.14
    Very nice map! Could you please add some time tirals for it?
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      For sure m8!!
  3. Densplash
    Version: 0.14
    looks cool ! i'll try it
  4. Jerryst1013
    Version: 0.14
    Great map! Simple idea, but done perfect. Great map keep going with it!
  5. MtsMB
    Version: 0.6
    Can you, please, remove some trees? (on another update) :D
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      Yes, I will work on it today, and hopefully get it out today
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