Beta [5 New Engines + Turbo Update!] RK's Highly Customizable Engines (10 Enginestypes!) 3.0.0

The Most Customizable Engines on the Forum! Now even better!

  1. R4NKING
    You Ever wanted more Customizable Engines?
    70+ Customizable Parts and 350+ Tuningoptions which affects the engine?
    Over 1000Hp without a Turbo or Supercharger?
    Ever wanted VTEC, VVTI, Ported Intake, OHC / DOHC in one Engine?

    Yes? Than Those Engines are for you!

    If you have any Problems with the Mod, first delete all Customizable Engine files in the Mod folder, delete Cache and reinstall it.

    Please use the Discussion Theater for Problems or Bugs and not the Reviews.

    This Mod Adds: (For Every car except the T-Series for now)

    - 1.6L I3 Engine with 70+ Parts and 2 sounds
    - 2.0L I4 Engine with 70+ Parts and 2 sounds
    - 3.0L I6 Engine with 70+ Parts
    - 2.4L I5 Engine with 70+ Parts and I5 Sound
    - 6.4L V8 Engine with 70+ Parts and Crossplane and Flatplane Sound
    - 2.2L F4 Engine With 70+ Parts
    - 3.4L F6 Engine With 70+ Parts
    - 5.0L V10 Engine With 70+ Parts
    - 5.2L V12 Engine With 70+ Parts
    - 8.0L V16 Engine With 70+ Parts

    - Featured my Customizable Turbo and Superchargers
    - High Performance Radiator
    - Tuned Race Exhaust
    - Valve Exhaust (ctrl + q to toggle)

    New Turbos! ( I tried to make them as realistic as possible)

    Single Turbo:

    Twin Turbos:

    Sequential Turbos:

    And few more, pictures coming soon

    Engine Parts and what they affects:

    Airfilter: Affects power
    Alternator: Affects power
    Engineblock Material: Changes the material, affects maxtorque
    Turbo Boost Pipe: Affects power
    Camshaft: Adds power, Idle-roughness Features VTEC
    Chargepipe: Affects power
    Connecting Rods Bearing: Affects power
    Connecting Rods: Affects maxtorque
    Crankcase Ventilation: Affects maxtorque
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Cap: Affects maxtorque
    Crankshaft: Affects maxtorque, Affects power
    Cylinderhead: Affects power, OHC/DOHC
    Cylinder Liner: Affects maxtorque
    Harmonic Damper: Affects maxtorque, lowers idle roughness
    ECU: Affects power, MaxRPM, IdleRPM,
    Engine Block: Affects power, affects health, affects maxrpm
    Exhaust Header: Affects power
    Fuelpump: Affects power
    Fuel Injection: Affects burnefficiency, affects power
    Fuel Type: Affects power
    Headbolts: Affects maxtorque
    Headgasket: Affects maxtorque and Power, Affects Compression ratio
    Cylinderhead Material: Affects maxtorque
    Ignition System: Affects power
    Turbo Intercooler: Affects power
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Bolts: Affects maxtorque
    Crankshaft Main Bearing: Affects maxpower
    Oilfilter: Affects maxpower
    Oilpan: Affects maxtorque, adds Oilvolume
    Oilpump: Affects maxtorque
    Piston Wrist pin: Affects maxtorque
    Piston: Affects maxtorque, Affects maxpower
    Piston Cooling Noozle: Affects maxtorque
    Piston Rings: Affects maxtorque
    Starter: Affects the Starter
    Throttle Valve: Affects power
    Timing Type: Affects maxtorque
    Two Step: Adds Two Step Launch Control
    Valve Lifters: Affects maxtorque, Affects maxrpm
    Intake Valve: Affects power, Affects maxtorque
    Exhaust Valve: Affects power, Affects maxtorque
    Valve Springs: Affects maxrpm
    VTEC: Affects power at high rpm
    Camshaft Gear: Affects power
    Water Reservoir: Affects maxtorque, affects coolantvolume
    Water-Methanol Injection: Affects maxpower
    Water Pipes: Affects maxtorque
    Exhaust: Affects Afterfire, Affects power
    NOS: Adds NOS Slot
    Intakemanifold: Affects power, Adds Supercharger slot

    This mod uses original engine model, if you want to help with the model pm me

    If you have some Ideas for this mod, feel free to submit it :D

    If you like the mod and my work, you can support and motivate me to work more on it here!

    Have Fun.[/IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. Peter Medz
    Peter Medz
    Version: 3.0.0
    Excellent mod and I had tons of fun thanks to these engines. I just hate that BNG.D keeps on deactivating the mod over and over.
  2. EpicGamerRSB
    Version: 3.0.0
    such a great mod!
  3. mrwallace888
    Version: 3.0.0
    Can't wait to see more. Would love to see Flat 10s and 12s. Especially would love to be able to throw a Flat-12 into the Bolide.
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      Yeah, but i habe used now every engine Sound Beamng has for the engines. And i cant Make some New sounds :/
  4. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 3.0.0
    haha 1.0l v16 in pigen go weeeeeeeeeeeeee
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      And Quad Turbo i hope! xD
  5. mhegai
    Version: 2.7
    this mod so good, that i made a car with 100hp and 3000 (!) Nm of torque. So this mod helps alot with making not only fast, slow, or old cars, but also towing beasts.
  6. Sid the Suck
    Sid the Suck
    Version: 2.7
    Very quickly to update it, thank god you are so good at modding. As always and as i've said before fantastic mod. Couldn't be any better. Thank you for this
  7. CarloverGTS
    This mod has given me a joy in this game I have yet to experience in other racing titles, both arcade and sim. The amount of build potential is insane. I really look forward to seeing how this mod grows in the future. Hope to see even more engine variants like V10s, Flat Configurations, and more flatplane engine upgrades (not just on the v8). Also looking forward to the sexy sounds as well.
  8. JamesM3E36
    The best and most detailed mod there is so far. There are some minor details that could be added to make it even better but it does the job and way more even like this. Cant wait what the future holds for this!
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      Write me a pm with the minor details, maybe I can add/change them :)
  9. brian_lee7294
    Amazing mod! R4NKING, I'd love to see a Fan Clutch (if you don't know what that is, here's a link: Specifically from Toyota and Lexus, bc I love hearing that sound upon start up (i.e. in the Tacomas, FJ Cruisers, GX460 and LX570, not to mention, the Tundra too) So if you could replicate the Fan Clutch sound from Toyota/Lexus, that would be great!
  10. AlvinCar7
    Best engine customization mod!
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