Beta Turbo Everything + Twincharge Everything 3.3.2

Ever wanted to turbo or Supercharge a engine although there is none? Now you can!

  1. R4NKING
    Turbo and Twincharge Everything!
    because everyone loves Force Induction!

    This mod adds:

    - Additional Modification Slot to every original Car
    - Variable Turbo up to 250psi because why not?
    - Changable Turbo and Blow Off Sound Stu tututu
    - Additional Indestructible Block because no engine would take 17bar of boost
    - Water & Oil Cooler no more overheating problems!
    - ECU Because everyone want's 10'000 RPM

    - Added Wendover


    - Added new Turbosound
    - Turbo Type 7
    - Blowoff Valve Type 6


    - Added Boost By Gear Controller for max 12 Gear

    - Added Sound Options:
    - 6 Turbo sounds with volume options
    - 5 Blow Off Valve Sounds with volume options + No Blow Off

    - Added ECU Slot
    - Variable Idle RPM
    - Variable RPM Limiter


    - Added Disengage Clutch feature to all Superchargers
    - Added Disengage Range - how long the Clutch needs to disengage fully for a smooth transition to a turbo


    Added Twincharge Feature


    - Added many Customizable Parts

    - Bearing affects Turbo power
    - Compressor Wheel affects Turbo spool
    - Exhaust Housing affects Turbo spool
    - Turbo cooling affects max Turbo temperature
    - Turbine Wheel affects Exhaust pressure
    - Wastegate affects max boost pressure

    - Added changeable Turbo health (Turbo can overheat and get destroyed (feature of BeamNG))

    - Added many Customizable Parts

    - Boost Controller affects Overboost
    - Bearing affects supercharger power
    - ECU adds Option for Supercharger Clutch
    - Pully gearing between supercharger and engine
    - Wastegate affects max boost pressure
    Lobes changes simulation of Turbocharger blades
    (only Twinscrews and Root)

    If you use Supercharger with overboost feature, don't use Torquecurve App, it doesn't show the overboost.
    Use Engine Debug app for real Engine stats

    Not everything is how it is in reallife, i made this how i could because BeamNG doesn't features this options

    The idea for this mod I got from @Msaxflismyren with his mod "Supercharge Any Engine"

    Have Fun c:

Recent Updates

  1. Finally fixed turbo
  2. Hotfix Turbosound/Blowoff
  3. New Turbos!

Recent Reviews

  1. noahcandab
    Version: 3.3.2
    I really like this mod because I can make 5000psi.
  2. bigpizza
    Version: 3.3.2
    I really like this mod, but why no support for wigeon?
  3. Bedazzlement
    Version: 3.3.2
    This amazing! My only problem and its probably something I'm doing wrong but I don't get any turbo or blowoff sound. Even when making the volume adjustable and cranking it. I still get no sound. Wondering if you would have any idea why or if again, am I doing something wrong?
  4. Fake 3
    Fake 3
    Version: 3.3.2
    Completely breaks every car I try it with. Removes any function related to the car (including the relevant HUD).
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      Do you use the newest update of the mod? Do you use any other mods? Did you tried to reinstall the mod and delete the cache? Write me a PM if you don't get it working.
      You're the first one who has that problem with that version and last update is some weeks ago.
  5. Palkia88
    Version: 3.3.2
    Honestly a really cool mod. I've made some pretty cool configs with this mod. I've made a Twincharged Police Gavril Roamer, a Turbocharged 5.6L V10 powered Ambulance, and more. At first I didn't know much about superchargers and turbochargers, I never knew there were so many types of turbochargers, but I have some questions.

    1. Now that this mod actually registers on the torque curve, I noticed that the only parts of a turbo or supercharger that effect it are the wastegates and another part [I forgot]. Do those other parts actually do something? Or are they just for details?

    2. Are there plans for the Superchargers and Turbochargers being modeled onto engines? If not then I fully understand because you'd have to put the models on a lot of engines, some you might not be able to.

    3. Do you plan to add Prochargers?

    That's all.
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Yeah the other parts do also something. if you equip the best on all parts, you notice that the boost is higher than you set the wastegate. On the supercharger, there is a controller which affects the same, you make more hp than the torque curve app says.

      No there is not a plan to make models for it, because you can fit it on every modded engine you want. and i can't make the model fit every mod.

      The Centrifugal Supercharger is a Procharger just another name :)
  6. TheCoolClub
    Version: 3.3.2
    Works perfectly now! Thanks dude!
  7. LowNexury
    Version: 3.3.2
    Hey man, i am also having issues with overrev damage. i was testing this with cruising at 4,5k rpm down the endless highway. Just a few meters before the wall it says the engine suffered mild overrev damage.. unlikely with 4,5k rpm on the v6 bastion. I changed a few lines in the config file: maxRPM to 12k and maxoverrevdamage to 9k. This made it slightly better.. got a few meters further down the road.
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      I will Look into that.
  8. Vetrox_
    Version: 3.3.2
    Overall a great mod but I want to report a problem that I have while using it. When I install the Turbo/Twincharge everything in the vehicle I get a warning about over rev damage on the engine . Then after I drive it for like 3 mins the engine gets damaged because of over rev, thus reducing engine torque. This happens on many (maybe all) cars I've tested. The moment the torque is reduced doesn't seem to rely on anything, neither too high revs or under heavy engine load. It just happens randomly. I hope you can fix it, I don't want to be resetting my car all the time.
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      Write me a PM, that cant really be because of the mod. What Parts are you using? Indestructiable Block and how high is the rev Limit. You cant just put the revlimiter to 16000rpm if the engine can only handle 8000rpms
  9. Ӝ ZetPerson
    Ӝ ZetPerson
    Version: 3.3.1
    I love this mod, but just like everyone I'm having issues with my car not wanting to move or work at all, its kind of like a car with no engine lol. I've tried to reinstall the mod and even manually download the mod off this website and pack it, but it still wont work for me :(
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      I know that its still happening, trying to fix it as soon as possible :)
  10. ckalkman17
    Version: 3.3.1
    Although I like the mod, I never knew about the mod crashing when a turbo is applied. Unfortunately, if a person is reporting this problem in version 3.3, it's still happening in 3.3.1.
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      So you have that problem or not, doesn't understand your message exactly. If yes, write me please a pm :)
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