Beta Turbo Everything + Twincharge Everything 2.2.1

Ever wanted to turbo or Supercharge a engine although there is none? Now you can!

  1. R4NKING
    Turbo and Twincharge Everything!
    because everyone loves Force Induction!

    This mod adds:

    - Additional Modification Slot to every original Car
    - Variable Turbo up to 250psi because why not?
    - Changable Turbo and Blow Off Sound Stu tututu
    - Additional Indestructible Block because no engine would take 17bar of boost
    - Water & Oil Cooler no more overheating problems!
    - ECU Because everyone want's 10'000 RPM


    - Added Boost By Gear Controller for max 12 Gear

    - Added Sound Options:
    - 6 Turbo sounds with volume options
    - 5 Blow Off Valve Sounds with volume options + No Blow Off

    - Added ECU Slot
    - Variable Idle RPM
    - Variable RPM Limiter


    - Added Disengage Clutch feature to all Superchargers
    - Added Disengage Range - how long the Clutch needs to disengage fully for a smooth transition to a turbo


    Added Twincharge Feature


    - Added many Customizable Parts

    - Bearing affects Turbo power
    - Compressor Wheel affects Turbo spool
    - Exhaust Housing affects Turbo spool
    - Turbo cooling affects max Turbo temperature
    - Turbine Wheel affects Exhaust pressure
    - Wastegate affects max boost pressure

    - Added changeable Turbo health (Turbo can overheat and get destroyed (feature of BeamNG))

    - Added many Customizable Parts

    - Boost Controller affects Overboost
    - Bearing affects supercharger power
    - ECU adds Option for Supercharger Clutch
    - Pully gearing between supercharger and engine
    - Wastegate affects max boost pressure
    Lobes changes simulation of Turbocharger blades
    (only Twinscrews and Root)

    If you use Supercharger with overboost feature, don't use Torquecurve App, it doesn't show the overboost.
    Use Engine Debug app for real Engine stats

    Not everything is how it is in reallife, i made this how i could because BeamNG doesn't features this options

    The idea for this mod I got from @Msaxflismyren with his mod "Supercharge Any Engine"

    Have Fun c:

Recent Reviews

  1. Dax_with_a_citroen
    Version: 2.2.1
    Best mod of Turbo that ever try it!!!! Great work!!
  2. Crazyjr
    Version: 2.2.1
    Love the boost by gear, I can finally launch on low boost then step it up, much better on control now. Thank you very much. love this mod for drag racing
  3. Godzilla!
    Version: 2.2.1
    This is one of my most favorite mods!

    (when will we see changeable supercharger sounds)
  4. aiellostommeleer
    Version: 2.2.1
    like it but blow off valve sound dos not change?
  5. Tony Swan
    Tony Swan
    Version: 2.2
    indestructible block is kinda broken.. it causes immediate engine over rev damage on idle becasue the maxrpm and maxoverrevdamage is set to -1 .. setting it to 999999 fixed it
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      Akward, -1 is that the feature is disabled, but i will try to fix it.
  6. The_Tekkit_101 2
    The_Tekkit_101 2
    Version: 2.2
    Epic, thank you for updating, and sorry for posting a one-star review, thought I could delete it later when it was fixed.
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      Everything okey, love to hear you like it :)
  7. Ximako
    Version: 2.2
    so good tu put a bigger turbo on the cherier vivace, but how you reach 10k rmp on the cherier vivace ?
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      All engine has a torque curve. And some engines have this torque curve end at 8000rpm. So you can't reach over 8000rpm because there is no infos. But if the engine (mostly mods) has torque over this it will work.
  8. 711GAMING
    Version: 2.2
  9. Amazing Kestero
    Amazing Kestero
    Version: 2.1
    This mod is superb, and my T-series is now doing a good at pulling 6 trailers and beat the etk. But why every default vehicles if I used Indestructible mode from your mod, it breaks the engine, and says Error in the message UI. What happen there?
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      did you tried turbo everything and the twincharge anything. twincharge everything and there the indestructible block works with my over 200mods
  10. Est_Nbmstr
    Version: 2.1
    Twincharging - solution to any life problem. Thanks.
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