Outdated 6.0L and 6.7L Diesel for D-Series 1.7 patch, for game 0.14

The D-Series needs diesel options!

  1. 1.7 patch, for game 0.14

    - 2.75 ratio differentials have been converted to a 3.73 ratio as its a more realistic ratio for trucks.
    - Transmission ratios have been modified to avoid being too short for the diff ratio change to 3.73. Re-looked at truck transmission spec sheets for reference.
    - There are now two torque converters options for diesel auto transmissions, one for low torque output(non-turbo config) and one for high torque output(turbo config).
    - Transmissions have been separated out per engine type(Gas or Diesel) Gas engines will only see gas transmission config options. Diesel engines will only see diesel transmission config options.
    - For diesel automatic transmissions, torque converters are now fully locking, lock occurs starting at 3rd gear.
    - New radiator meant for higher output diesels, a step up from the 'heavy duty radiator' config.
    - Fixed the re-modeled engine and transmission meshes/textures not being applied from update 0.14
    - Turbochargers spool more realistically for being diesel configs. slowly spool down after throttle is cut compared to right away(bug fix).
    - Diesel fuel tanks will now have to be used for diesel engine options.
    - High flow exhaust part has increased output, ranging from 5hp & 7lb of torque to 16hp & 22lb of torque depending on config

    All changes above apply for Roamer and H-series as well

    1.7 patch, for game v0.14 [current]
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