6.0L Diesel V8 engine in a 200BX 1.5

Adds the possibility to swap the 6 liter diesel engine in the 200BX

  1. Few fixes and new stuff.

    New exhausts.
    Adjustable turbocharger.
    New intakes.
    Made a configuration.
    Made the transmission mesh show up.
    Made the automatic transmission work + added a transbrake.
    Added an ultra heavy duty long block.
    Holes in fenders for fender exit exhaust.
    Cleaned up the engine bay a bit.
  2. Engine not showing up

    Apparently the engine wasn't showing up for some people and the console was saying that the mod was adding some duplicate parts to the d-series. That should be fixed now. I also removed the pickup exhaust which was stuck inside the floor and the passenger seat.
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