8x8 Heavy utility truck 2016-6-5

8x8 truck for offroading, logging, transporting or whatever.

  1. Jalkku

    It's the all mighty 8x8 utility truck: haul logs, transport goods, do some heavy off roading or just crash into a wall, you decide.

    I made it
    Goosah for the latest update

    If you are wondering why it's named the way it is, I want to avoid copyright issues because I am associated with BeamNG (credits in game)

    Don't upload anywhere else. Не загружайте в другом месте.


    Download ZIP. Put ZIP in 'Documents/BeamNG.Drive/mods' without extracting.
    Your game must be updated.

    You can toggle differential lock with "T" and toggle cruise control with "F" and change the speed with "H" (up) and "G" (down).
    If you want to enable exhaust smoke, remove the comments (--) from the truck8x8.lua under the "--smokestuff" bit.

    If you're experiencing game crashing, change texture quality to normal until I find a way to fix it.

Recent Updates

  1. Ready for powertrain!
  2. fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Dac
    Version: 2016-6-5
    I like the mod and when I use it I have to use a combo of the node grabber and the trailer hitch toggle button.
  2. bardagin dibindeki kola
    bardagin dibindeki kola
    Version: 2016-6-5
    it is excellent for offroads
  3. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 2016-6-5
    its amazing, but its a dead mod plz update:(
  4. GenericUsernameHere
    Version: 2016-6-5
    Terrible engine sounds. Good looks, but the engine sounds are terrible, the trailer never even attatches, the low texture makes it look plastic, and also, the biggest issue.. it spawns with no fuel.
  5. Ryuzio
    Version: 2016-6-5
  6. Poptropic
    Version: 2016-6-5
    Looks good and fun but it spawns in without any fuel at all? Not sure if just me but can't find a fix under the tuning tab in the vehicle config section.
  7. Avelos
    Version: 2016-6-5
    Truly looks amazing but that's all it is now. Remember playing around with it when it was new a few years ago, but it doesn't work anymore. Tried reinstalling it a few times and downloading it through the game. I can't get it to work. A shame.
  8. Tonesbalones
    Version: 2016-6-5
    Low texture, which makes it look like its made of plastic. I can barely hear the engine over the tire squealing, which by the way, the engine is not custom. Also the trailer almost never attaches.
  9. GameFreak01
    Version: 2016-6-5
    Hey Jalkku, is it okay if a youtuber called CrashHard improves your mod and re-uploads it again to beamng drive mod forum? Unless you update the mod yourself. Because I really love this 8x8 mod, but it really needs to updated again with some custom engine sounds to. Hope to hear from you soon ;)
  10. Werwaz
    Version: 2016-6-5
    a good truck, but I can't attach the trailer and it needs some engine sounds
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