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Beta 96' Pessima Expansion Pack 3.1

Wagon, Hatchback, Coupé, 2001 facelift, tuner parts and more!

  1. fixed bugs and changed some stuff

    fixed missing race suspension
    fixed signals on custom headlights
    fixed hatch rally skin
    fixed conflicting door on coupe
    changed some configs
    added race brakes
    hatch_rally.jpg sedan_custom_race.jpg
    im tired of this mod so im taking a break on updates
  2. added a nice coupé

    forgot something lol use v3.0

    fixed broken rally skin
    a few bugs still need ironing out
    added coupé
    skins don't work on coupe
    coupe_base.jpg coupe_dx.jpg coupe_lx.jpg coupe_v6.jpg coupe_streettuned.jpg
  3. no content just bug fix

    -fixed potential suspension issues for hatch
    -fixed sunroof glass
    -tweaked engines
    -removed garbage
  4. finally new stuff

    - added 3 configs and changed some configs
    -added roof box to allroad
    -fixed roofrack and hatch spoiler
    -added tuner exhaust
    -redid outdated dpmp engines
    -removed some garbage

    sedan_race.jpg finalstreet.jpg finaloutlander.jpg hatch_lx.jpg
  5. update lol

    quik fixes
    - forgot apply modifiers fixed
    - tweaked wagon c pillar and roofline to make it flow better
    - tweaked hatch mesh
    - fixed broken config name
    - lol
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