_Diamond_Coal_'s Pessima skin pack 1.0

Five paintable skins for 1st gen Pessima

  1. _Diamond_Coal_
    This is a small skin pack for 1st gen Pessima.Mod contains 5 paintable skins and 25 high quality configs.

    1. Hillclimb livery


    2,3. 2 Two-tone skins (with Body-colored trim and with unpainted trim)


    4,5. 2 Dirty Two-tone skins (with Body-colored trim and with unpainted trim)


    Also it can be monochrome dirty skin, if upper and lower color are same.


    How to paint my skins:
    1st color-upper color
    2nd color-dirt
    3rd color-lower color

    This is my first mod. Enjoy :D And feel free to report bugs in Discussion tab.

    Do not reupload!
    _Diamond_Coal_-Making skins

    Also thanks to CrazyFlySquid for his "Photoroom Light" mod.​


    1. BeamNGdrivex64_pRf7Aivecy.png

Recent Reviews

  1. waboll
    Version: 1.0
    not bad. it would be nice to see some small rust spots near sideskirts and etc
    1. _Diamond_Coal_
      Author's Response
      Thank you for kind words!! I wanted to do it but i didn't find proper image of rust. Maybe I'll do it later
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