Alpha A homemade bus 11.0.24

This is my bus I just made myself

  1. kone_lift_official
    [If there's any problem please give me a review]


    1. Screenshot53.png

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 11.0.24
    Too plain
  2. LightningDued5
    Version: 11.0.23
    It's a... bus that's homemade

    Can't complain it does everything that the title says
  3. Thomas A-N
    Thomas A-N
    Version: 11.0.23
    This bus seems... empty. There's nothing apart from number plates, small lights and tiny mirrors.

    Like I said in the Supra review, this is one of your first mods, and you'll improve in the future!
    1. kone_lift_official
      Author's Response
      I don't know what's going on I added the new update file but for some reason it's still approving how long till the approved
  4. nubnuu1
    Version: 11.0.0
    its ugly
    1. kone_lift_official
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry to hear that
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