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"A Normal Day" Campaign with 6 Scenarios 1.11

Campaign with 6 Scenarios, 3 Hard and 3 Very easy

  1. 1.11 Update

    -"No coolant" is now harder.
    -Moved many checkpoints so it's easier to understand where you have to go.
    -Fixed car position in "Relaxed Driving"
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  2. 1.1 Update

    -Added low speed timeout to every scenario, so when you get stuck the scenario will fail
    -Made "Low Fuel" and "No Coolant" a little bit harder.
    -"Low Fuel" now uses the new tank code like the default Hypermiling scenario, so can't see how much fuel is left
    -"Racing" and "Strange Way of Driving" now use the new gearbox damage code (huge thanks to synsol)
  3. Fixed the glowing red bug with the second scenario. Fixed the preview of the forth scenario

  4. .

  5. 0.8 Update

    Got it working with 0.8 Update
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