Alpha A Tuner's Day Out 0.5

A story campaign

  1. Revamp and fixes

    Fixed all ai bugs (Thanks BidWars)
    Fixed both campaigns
    Made waypoints easier to follow
    Removed HTML intro info and converted to json
    Removed countdown from all non race situation scenarios
    Adapted to the refurbished maps (some places have moved since their revamp)
    Fixed waypoint messages
    More small fixes

    Thanks to everyone who left feedback on the discussions tab.
  2. Fixed and improvements

    Added more waypoints to part 2.
    Reduced amount of laps for the races, all are 2 laps now
    Fixed spawn position of the hill-climb event
    Reduced the amount of AI in some events
    Fixed the trailer not spawning in most scenarios that it was meant to be in

    The trailer will remain empty except with the Pessima untill I can find a way to have a secured load on it.

    Thanks to shmiffyplop for his detailed report of this project.
  3. Minor fixes

    Fixed waypoint placement error in part 39
    Added maps for the stages
  4. Fixed the race with Dan

    Fixed Part 20 not loading

    Was a syntax error. This is an important part to the story so I am glad to have it working again.
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  5. Damage limit tweeks

    Lowered the limit for damage fails
  6. Damage limits

    Added a damage limits to all relevant parts

    Now if you wang the car up too much you will fail the scenario. Although it was planned, this was suggested by MattKowalski

    When driving a customers car you will have to keep it in almost pristine condition.

    Thanks for all your input.
  7. Intro maps for chapter 1

    Added a map at the start of each part telling you where you are and where you are going
  8. Fixed campaign error

    Fixed campaign error
  9. First race polish and a few other fixes.

    Added more markers to the Hatch race
    Made the waypoints bigger in the Hatch race
    Made the Hatch race 3 laps not 5
    Respaced the grid in the Hatch race
    Fixed the sound on the Hopper, now sounds correct

    The AI only runs for one lap at the moment. I hope that the devs will be able to have a look and see if it's a core bug. Also for some reason the last part of chapter 1 crashes on load for me now, no idea why. No interior turbo sounds at the moment too.
  10. Many fixes.

    Removed all non vanilla content apart from 2 custom engine groups
    Fixed fire in Paula's Miramar (changed story slightly)
    Lowered fog on most levels
    Fixed the first RC race(now hatchs and they all run but only for one lap)
    Fixed the second RC race (now Pigeons but only the first AI driver runs)
    Modified the track at the carpark
    Proof read all the story text and corrected many mistakes
    Removed all the thumbnails as they were hideous

    Please let me know what you think I can do to improve this....
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