Actus Cherry 4x4 1.0

Inspired by Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

  1. primo3001
    Actus Cherry 4x4 2001 in two versions!

    Standard version is equipped with 2.7 5 cyl. engine that generates 170 HP, and 222 Nm. It weights 1700 kg. It is 4x4 with option to lock diff. 4 gears automatic transmission. It can drive something around 190 km/h If you want good SUV for reasonable money, this is good car for you!

    But if you need something more exciteing, there is also special version of Actus Cherry, just for you! It's called "X" version!

    The "X" version

    5 cyl 2.7 engine sounds boring? I'm not surprised. It may be good for your kids. You need something more! And here it is! The "X"!

    version of Cherry is equipped with 4.7 V8 engine that generates 260 HP and 427 Nm of torque. It weights 2006 kg. It is 4x4 with option to lock diff too. Top speed is 230 km/h, but it's more exciteing to drive it off road!

    But that's not all!

    "X" version is also equipped with 5 gears Automatic transmission, ABS, body colored bumpers and handles, chrome finish, parking sensors, alloy wheels, and much, much more. It cost 15000, but it is nothing compared to impressions that it will give you!

    Both cars are very detailed and balanced. It is generally based on Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ, but I changed few things. My 4.7 V8 engine is based on real one from Jeep, so power and torque curves are very similar to it's original. Things like size of the wheels or gear ratio are taken from original too, but there are still few things I made little bit different. I hope you will like it. Check my other mods like American Road map or Actus D7. Have fun! Let me know if you liked it or if you want me to create your dream car in Automation :D


    1. screenshot_00017.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. RichManSCTV0™
    Version: 1.0
    I love the jeep!
  2. ToxicMinecraft21
    Version: 1.0
    This mod is the best I've seen yet! Always have wanted a Grand Cherokee WJ!
  3. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: 1.0
    Amazingly well styled.
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