Alpha Added Fuel Stations (MP Compatible) 0.4

Ever wanted to refuel your vehicle? Well now you can!

  1. Fixed West Coast USA + Small fix to ensure that stations are loaded when Lua reloads.

    [YTGN] | Titch2000
    Fixed West Coast USA markers not being aligned to the ground correctly.
    Small fix to ensure that stations are loaded when Lua reloads/Mod is loaded mid session.
  2. Fixes for 0.23 & New feature, Remember to turn your engine off :P

    [YTGN] | Titch2000
    Sorry for the delay in update. I have been rather busy with family and study recently.

    • This update fixes the mod to work with 0.23 and added a new feature where if you do not turn your engine off when you refuel you will run the risk of a fire!
    • UI has been removed for the moment, You can now refuel by pressing E when in place. You will notice a notification in the top left corner when you are able to refuel.

    Huge thank you to @Real_20dka for...
  3. All Vanilla Maps Working!

    [YTGN] | Titch2000
    This update adds the remaining vanilla maps.
    Thanks to the following for helping to find the stations across them:
    • ICQ
    • deerboi
    • Victor
    • Olrosse
    • Chicken Noodle Soup
    Sorry if I missed anyone. Let me know?
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