Beta Adjustable turbocharger for Barstow 1.05

Boosty V8 is fun.

  1. updated for 0.12

    updated for 0.12
  2. Updated for 0.12

    Made the turbochargers work for the new update. Haven't got around to the exhaust and the turbo drag preset needs work.
  3. Little Fiddling

    Changed a few values to help prevent the turbo from overheating.
  4. Exhausts

    Added a sport exhaust and race exhaust. Both have different loudness of afterfire and different abouts of flames. Thanks to Ai'Torror for explaining how to do this. Both share the same model which also share the same model from the stock exhaust. Hopefully I will fix this in the future when I learn modeling with Blender.
  5. Stage 1 turbos

    Added adjustable stage 1 turbochargers for lower boost and more street friendly power levels.
  6. Drag config

    Made a drag configuration with the 423
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