Beta Adollar Racing Wheels 19x9 1.2

Adollar Racing Wheels now for BeamNG.Drive!

  1. Wheels didnt Showed up on Car...

    Idk why but for the Rim didnt showed up anymore i was thinking of a Jbeam Fail like a missing line or something....
    Well i had a Reserve Jbeam because i was Doing something on this Jbeam because for the Colors of the Rim...Didnt got the Colors to work but im on it.
    I also changed the File names. Please remove your old Adollar Rim mod to install the new update here.
    Thanks and Enjoy.

    Next Update will Contain:
    New Configurations for Cars.
    Even i planned some Skins! ;)
  2. Updated the File! + Config!

    The Wheel File wasn't in the Zip Fil should be fixed now!

    What's New?
    Racing Config for the ETK800

    Rim File Added
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