Beta Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 1.33

Adds safety systems to modern vehicles such as automatic braking, back-up cameras and more to come!

  1. Small optimization

    • Small optimization
  2. Fix for 0.23 update and bug fixes (auto headlights disabled for now)

    • Now not dependent on modifying in game files to add game mechanics and works for 0.23 update
    • Back up camera lane lines now don't intersect objects
    • Fixed reverse AEB bug
    • Made optimizations
    • Disabled Auto Headlights for now
  3. Fixed huge lag when not steering

    • Fixed huge lag when not steering, coming from dividing by zero
  4. Hill Start Assist, Auto Headlight Dimming and more!

    • Added Hill Start Assist
    • Added Auto Headlight Dimming
    • Braking and Warning Mitigation systems are separate now
    • AEB is less intrusive
    • Fixed bugs
  5. Adaptive Cruise Control, toggleable systems, and more!

    • Added adaptive cruise control
    • Front parking sensors work up to 40 km/h
    • Toggleable systems (on/off)
    • More vehicle configs and made it clearer which vehicles have ADAS
    • AEB is more sensitive and works better
  6. Systems now can be added as parts and added vehicle configs that have ADAS installed.

    • Completely converted code so ADAS now added as parts using "License Plate Design" slot
      • Basically meaning you can add the systems to any vehicle!
    • Added vehicle configs with ADAS
    • Improved lane detection/determination
    • Improved forward AEB
    • Made beeper sound louder
    • Deactivated beeper under 20 km/h
    • Removed speed limit of 140 km/h
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Optimizations made
  7. Fixed arcade mode bug, added AEB brake override, and minor changes

    • Fixed arcade mode bug
    • Handbrake applied when stopped
    • Added AEB brake override (> 40% throttle to override AEB)
      • AEB will still alert driver but no braking
    • Made so back-up camera doesn't pop out of neutral
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