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Aegean Race Track 1.2.1

It's a race track located in Izmir, Turkey "Ülküpark Yarış Pisti", with the newest layout.

  1. v1.2.1 -quick fix

    -starting line added
  2. v1.2 - No texture fix, asphalt and grass update

    -No texture errors fixed
    -Billboards added
    -Asphalt updated
    -Groundcover updated
    -Clouds rearranged
    -Thumbnails updated
    20200122230542_1.jpg 20200122230608_1.jpg 20200122230653_1.jpg 20200122230833_1.jpg 20200122231159_1.jpg
  3. terrain update, time trial fix

    -terrain updated
    -grass added
    -time trial fixed (with help of @V1rginie )
    20191204135121_1.jpg 20191204135147_1.jpg
    20191204135256_1.jpg 20191205111602_1.jpg
  4. quick fix

    -missing terrain fixed
    -map info and pictures fixed
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