Beta Aero V12 Turbo 2.0

Turbocharged version of the V12 LeMans style race car

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This is a twin turbocharged version of my Aero LeMans inspired car. It seemed like the community liked it, so I decided to make a more fun version. Most notable among the changes are wider tires, bigger brakes, the addition of sealing skirts under the doors and as a result of the turbos, power is up to 758hp from 530hp. Torque also got a boost up from 431 to 637 ft lbs. Some minor tweaks to the aerodynamics were also made including bigger rear wing side panels and bigger front canards. The double clutch transmission has been swapped out in favor of a sequential and the gearing has been adjusted for the added power. I was pretty happy with the outcome and I hope you all like the changes, too. Linked below is my 5 lap fastest lap run at Hirochi. In order to keep the tires from melting in first, I had to make the gears pretty long, so launch around 3 to 4,000 rpm to avoid stalling. Hit that subscribe button and the 5 star button if you liked this car!


    1. AeroV12Turbo20photo1.png
    2. AeroV12Turbo20photo2.png
    3. AeroV12Turbo20photo3.png
    4. AeroV12Turbo20photo4.png
    5. AeroV12Turbo20photo5.png
    6. AeroV12Turbo20photo6.png

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  1. Added interior features

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  1. Rederaar23
    Version: 1.0
    1. SubieDoobieTwo
      Author's Response
      Excellent, happy to hear! More of this style to come!
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